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Our Wine Philosophy

The Spirited Gourmet is, at its core, a wine shop. While we offer fantastic beer, spirits, and gourmet foods it’s the wine that’s our passion (okay, I love craft beer too). To have a great selection of wine you have to have a great wine buyer and we have one in John. He’s spent most of his career managing restaurant wine programs, including Harvest, and has amassed an amazing knowledge. When you talk to John you’ll see the passion he brings to his craft!

We don’t select wines to carry based on ratings. If we happen to bring something in that has received a good rating that’s great but most wines don’t even get rated, especially ones from the small producers we like to focus on. We believe most of the best wines available come from these small producers, those winemakers who are true to their craft and haven’t sold out to the conglomerates looking to change their artistry into a business. You get a true sense of terroir from their wines and we think this is very appealing to wine enthusiasts.

With over 1,300 different wines we might not have the largest selection around but would you rather choose from a huge selection of mediocre wines or one that represents the best wines at whatever price point you’re looking for? Quality is important to us but so is value. If we can find a $10 wine that drinks like a $20 wine we’ll snap it up in a heartbeat. It’s like striking gold! Conversely if we taste a $40 wine that tastes like a $30 wine it will never see the light of day in our wine selection.

Finally, while most stores sort their wines by country, our selections are grouped by varietal. We do this because people’s palates guide their wine purchases. While the country a particular varietal is grown in does impact the flavor, people are predisposed to certain varietals. For example, we put our domestic chardonnays next to our French chardonnay, or white burgundy, selection so that you’ll be more inclined to try a white burgundy. There are those who just want to get the same bottle of chardonnay that they enjoy, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but we’re also geared to those wine enthusiasts who, like us, enjoy exploring wine.