Wine and Cheese Pairing

Wine: 2020 Famille Vaillant "P'tit Vaillant" Vin de France Rouge, Loire, France

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Cheese: Rond du Cher, Loire Valley, France

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Since the 17th century, the Vaillant family has passed on their home estate and, generation to generation, grown the Domaine in both scope and aspect; long practicing organic and biodynamic (though now certified), they tend their 55-hectare vineyard with a fully, year-round-employed team to create an enviable range of low to no SO2 wines on the western hills of the Loire Valley, known as the Coteaux du Layon. The luxury of deep familial roots has allowed Domaine Les Grandes Vignes to be a kind of beacon for what some natural winemakers may aspire toward: a totally transparent project pitched at a larger scale with biodynamic vineyard treatment and minimal cellar intervention. To be simultaneously this big and this hands-off, with experiment and whimsy still at play vintage to vintage, is truly something special.


The P’tit Vaillant is a lively and fun red that’s composed of Cabernet Franc and Groslot (Grolleau) that might very well be the staff’s new favorite springtime red. The Cab Franc gives the wine plenty of dark fruit and a fresh herbaceousness while the Grolleau contributes vibrancy, floral notes, and a hint of white pepper spice to the finish. The finished wine is light-handed and fun with tart red currant and black cherry notes with a racy quality that’s heightened by a little time in the refrigerator to give the wine a gentle chill. This is marvelous stuff and it’s well worth you giving it a shot. Especially because if you don’t, I’m keeping it all for myself. Cheers!


This disk shaped, ash ripened goat cheese has bright minerality with a grassy finish. This AOC status cheese is made with the same milk used to make Selles su Cher, the only difference being, the milk is pasteurized so it can be imported to the United States. It hails from the goat fields around the Loire River, in central France. The light dusting of ash on Rond du Cher attracts a beneficial mold, which protects the subtle and gentle interior of the cheese. While this cheese is mild, milky, and creamy when young, it becomes sharper and more pungent (in the best way) as it ages. The Ron du Cher we have in stock is slightly aged so it’s more piquant making it a perfect partner for this P’tit Vaillant.