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Weekend Wine Tastings

Wines of Georgia with Kosta Chernikov of Georgian Toast
Friday, June 21st, 5 to 8pm

Featured Wines

2017 Georgian Valley, Rkatsiteli, Georgia
Regularly $12.99, Tasting Price $10.99
One of the most ancient grapes on earth. Similar to Riesling, it is made sweet or dry, and everything in between. In this case, Georgian Valleys Rkatsiteli is highly acidic, almost tart, with light notes of lemon and peach. If you like sharp crispy clean white wine, this will set a new bar.

2016 Tbilvino, Kisi Qvevri, Kakheti, Georgia
Regularly $24.99, Tasting Price $20.99
This is a natural, skin contact white wine, often referred to as “orange wine” which is made in a traditional Georgian method in qvevri (a clay vat buried underground). Notes of honey and peach on the nose will have you thinking the wine is sweet, however, on the palate, the wine is bone dry with a rustic tannic character. This a complex wine that drinks more like a red and will develop over time.

2017 Didebuli, Sachino Red Blend, Kakheti, Georgia
Regularly $11.99, Tasting Price $9.99
This is the quintessential Georgian party wine. A blend of red and white grapes, this is crowd pleaser. Delightful notes of blackberries and cherry with hints of spice and tobacco is exactly what you want to be drinking for your next BBQ.

2017 Georgian Valley, Saperavi, Kakheti, Georgia
Regularly $15.99, Tasting Price $13.59
Saperavi is literally “paint, dye” – due to its intensive dark-red color. Teinturier-type grape variety, with hints of pomegranate, cherry and under ripe plums. Notes of spice with hints of tobacco and pepper. The wine is lightly oaked, well integrated balanced tannins.

2015 Shilda, Mukuzani, Kakheti, Georgia
Regularly $19.99, Tasting Price $16.99
Named after the Mukuzani microzone, this wine is made from 100% Saperavi. Haven’t heard of this grape? You will. Hugh Johnson raved about the varietal saying that “if you like Médoc try Saperavi” One of the few wines from Georgia that honors the French tradition of oaking wines. This well balanced wine with integrated tannins displays classic notes of cigar box, plum skin, spice and black pepper.

2017 Chubini, Saperavi, Shilda, Georgia
Regularly $23.99, Tasting Price $20.39
This wine is naturally made in qvevri, from organic Saperavi grapes grown in a single vineyard in the Shilda region. The wine is full bodied, well structured, earthy with light rustic tannins. Despite being aged in qvevri, which usually mutes aromas because of the extended skin contact, the fruit is bright and vibrant.



Wines of the Veneto with John Mooradian
Saturday, June 22nd, 4 to 7pm

Featured Wines

2018 Cantina Gorgo, Custoza, Verona, Italy
Regularly $11.99, Tasting Price $9.99
This dry white wine is obtained from a blend of grapes from different vines, each conferring its distinguishing features: Trebbiano imparts body; Cortese gives the dry, harmonious and fresh taste; Garganega together with Tocai Friulano, Malvasia and other grapes, adds pleasant and aromatic scents. A perennial favorite here at The Spirited Gourmet!

2017 Suavia, Soave Classico, Veneto, Italy
Regularly $16.99, Tasting Price $14.44
Composed from 100% Garganega grapes harvested from the Tessari family’s 12 hectare estate located in the historic heart of the Soave appellation. Produced without any oak aging, the wine shows fresh aromas of apple, pear and almond that balance its clean minerality and subtle herbal finish.

2017 Ca’ La Bionda, Valpolicella Classico, Marano di Valpolicella, Italy
Regularly $14.99, Tasting Price $12.69
From the heart of Valpolicella’s Classico zone comes this silky and delightful wine. With more than century’s worth of winemaking experience, this is a wine that drinks way above its price tag. With aromatics of fresh berry fruits and violets and a palate that shows a terrific and  delicate texture that’s eminently quaffable.

2016 Tenuta Santa Maria, “Pragal” Rosso Veronese, Verona, Italy
Regularly $16.99, Tasting Price $14.44
A more contemporary blend that incorporates varietals like Syrah and Merlot to the Corvina that provides the backbone of Veronese reds, this wine from the famed Bertani family is positively loaded with flavors and aromas of preserved fruits, fresh tobacco, and sweet spices.

2015 Tommaso Bussola, “Ca’ Del Laito” Valpolicella Ripasso, Veneto, Italy
Regularly $24.99, Tasting Price $20.99
Often mentioned alongside such producers as Giuseppe Quintarelli and Dal Forno Romano, Tommaso Bussola is considered by many as one of the top estates in the Valpolicella appellation. The Ca’ Del Laito is bold and rich with concentrated fruit and spice characteristics. 30 months of barrel aging lend this wine an incredibly smooth texture.