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Wine Pairing

Wine: 2015 Jean-Maurice Raffault Chinon Rosé, Loire Valley, France
Regularly $16.99, Special Price $13.99

Cheese: Coeur de Bray, Normandy, France
Regularly $9.99/ea, Special Price $7.99

There’s been a huge surge in demand for rosé wine over the past five to ten years. People clamor for it, aka “the pink stuff”, as soon as it lands, which is often days or weeks after it has been bottled. That said, many, if not all, of these wines are at their very best and most delicious the following year.

Fortunately, my perennial favorite made by Domaine Jean-Maurice Raffault has been in steady supply. Winemaker Rodolphe Raffault carries on his family’s tradition of 14 generations of wine growing. Taking the utmost care with all he dedicates specific parts of his vineyards to the production of rosé. You can almost taste how much care went into making this wine from the juicy raspberry fruit to racy, mouthwatering minerality. With one year in bottle this wine is really hitting its stride. It’s nearly gone so grab it while you can.

This cheese comes from Neufchatel in the “Pays de Bray” which is situated in northern Normandy. It is a member of the AOC family, and is made in several different shapes. Surprisingly, one of its shape is a heart, ideal for Valentine’s Day! A legend tells that in the 100 Years War, the young maidens of Neufchatel-en-Bray offered this cheese to their gallant English conquerors. To the delight of the priests, they ate the cheese and thought they were in heaven, as the shape reminded them of angel’s wings.

The taste is marked but delicate. Its texture and taste is similar to its well-known cousin, Camembert. The dry rind is velvety white, its gold pate is firm but supple. Eaten with crusty bread and this Jean-Maurice Raffault Chinon Rosé, this is a gourmet delight.