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Wine Pairing

Wines: 2017 Closerie des Alisiers Bourgogne, Burgundy, France
Regularly $16.99, Special Price $14.44

Cheese: Fromager des Clarines, Franche-Comte, France
Regularly $14.99/ea, Special Price $9.99

Stephane Brocard has deep roots in Burgundy, but in the far north he’s one of the Brocard family of Chablis fame. A few years back he moved south to Dijon and branched out on his own. He produces some of the best deals in Burgundy. This Pinot Noir has beautiful pure red cherry fruit, and beguilingly complex earth and herbal tones.

Fromager des Clarines is a specialty of the Franche-Comte region and is hand made in the style of the classic Mont D’or Vacherin. It is presented in a wooden box in which it continues to ripen which helps the cheese to keep its shape as the curd turns to a flowing texture. It has a slightly golden colored rind and a rich and creamy pate. The flavor is rich and buttery and due to its washed rind characteristics, it is long on the palate.

Paired with this week’s Closerie des Alisiers Bourgogne the Fromager des Clarines will shine, try them together for a treat on these crisp fall evenings!