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Wine Pairing

Wines: 2016 Cantina Terlan Pinot Grigio, Alto Adige, Italy
Regularly $19.99, Special Price $16.99

Cheese: Garrotxa, Catalonia, Spain
Regularly $26.99/lb, Special Price $21.59

This week’s featured wine comes from Cantina Terlano, founded in 1893 and now one of the leading wine growers’ cooperatives in South Tyrol. They, and their members, have long had a strong focus on quality. That has attracted praise and recognition on the Italian and international wine markets, and in spite of its relatively small size, Cantina Terlano is now well established in the world of wine.

On the nose, this Pinot Grigio pairs stimulating fruit – reminiscent of grapefruit, lychee and white melon – with the floral aromatic character of a freshly mown meadow. With its finely balanced components – from aromas of black tea to exotic fruity nuances of melon and ripe grapefruit – this is a superbly full and, at the same time, mellow wine. Pair with cured meats, tender veal and grilled fish.

Pronounced ‘ga-ROCH-ah,’ this moist and cakey Catalonian import is one of Spain’s most famous goat cheeses. Crafted in the foothills of the Pyrenees, expect more than a bit of similarity to French sheep cheeses like P’tit Basque. They share a semi-firm texture and sweetness but Garrotxa offers a white pepper piquancy and looks like a river-stone. A velvety grey mold coating lends a woodsy aroma but is not so ideal for eating.