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Wine Pairing

Wines: 2018 Perusini, Pinot Grigio, Friuli Colli, Orientali, Italy
Regularly $19.99, Special Price $16.99

Cheese: Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog, Arcata, California
Regularly $31.99/ea, Special Price $24.99

Pinot Grigio. It’s so ubiquitous that it almost seems like its own category of white wine. Often the target of scorn and derision by “serious wine drinkers”, it’s often thought of as light, tart, dry, cheap, innocuous at best, and… well, lets just say that there are more impolite words used when it’s not so good. Well I’m here to disabuse you of this notion and to let you know that good Pinot Grigio, delicious Pinot Grigio, is a real thing and we’ve got it for you. And with that I present to you this week’s wine of the week: Perusini’s Pinot Grigio.

Founded by Giacomo Perusini in the 18th century, the Perusini family is often credited with the preservation of many autochthonous Friulian varietals even while the planting of French grapes was in fashion. Through four generations of the Perusini family the winery has continued to be a benchmark producer in Friuli working with indigenous varietals like Friulano, Ribolla Gialla, and of course Pinot Grigio.

Tucked into the hills of Gramogliano, the estate’s vineyards are planted on a pretty unique soil type called Ponca – an Eocenic virtually devoid of organic material yet rich in mineral salts. This soil, along with the undulating hills of the region, provide for both a profound mineral structure in the wine itself as well as the microclimate that protects the vineyards from extreme weather variations. Distinctly delicate and aromatic, it marries harmoniously with the full-flavored terroir characteristics, typical of all Perusini white wines, from their hillside site and rigorous cultivation techniques. With an impressive body, the palate has all of the amazing qualities of this area; superb weight and viscosity, mineral-edged, savory, and bright. Richer, weightier and more complex than most others. This is not your Aunt Edna’s Pinot Grigio, it’s much, much better.

According to Laura, summer is all about dining al fresco! Although a lot of things have been taken away from us in terms of entertainment, one thing that hasn’t, is our ability to create memorable moments at home. Picture this, a wedge of Humboldt Fog Chevre, thinly sliced prosciutto, a jar of figs in Italian honey, an Iggy’s baguette, and, most importantly, this bottle of Perusini Pinot Grigio.

The bright minerality of the wine will be a perfect complement to the savory and light Humboldt Fog Chevre, making it a sunny day pairing to remember. Be well, eat well, and drink well!