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Wine Pairing

Wines: 2016 Evidencia, Vinho Tinto, Dao, Portugal
Regularly $11.99, Special Price $9.99

Cheese: Fromagerie Agour Mendia, French Pyrennees
Regularly $19.99/lb, Special Price $15.99

Surrounded by the mountain chains of Caramulo, Buçaco, Nave and Estrela, the Dão region is totally protected from cold winds, summer rain clouds from the Atlantic, and even continental storms. Within its mountain walls, Dão is full of contrasts: warmer in the west, cooler in the north and east, gently rolling hills, deep valleys, forests and mountain slopes; damp, cold winters; and summers that are generally sunny, warm and dry. Sometimes likened to Portugal’s Burgundy, not because of any physical similarity but both have a similar wine style. Like red Burgundy, Dão doesn’t rely on power, but instead aims at subtlety and finesse supported by natural acidity given from this terroir.

Evidencia’s Vinho Tinto from the Dão is a terrific example of the kind of quality and value that is still so prevalent in the region. Made from a traditional blend of indigenous grapes like Touriga Nacional and Tinto Roriz, this wine exhibits a very vibrant aromatic intensity that is abundant with red fruits and spices. Juicy and with a very rich texture on the palate, this wine has just the right level of tannins to give it structure and length but without too much grip. A fabulous cold-weather wine to chase away the chills.

The details: A blend of Alfrocheiro, Tinto Roriz, and Touriga Nacional, this is fermented in stainless steel and aged for 6 months in barrique before bottling.

Mendia is balanced, with enough sharpness to counter the mellow grassy notes and the richness of the sheep’s milk. It’s also pleasantly meaty, but without the barnyard or lanolin flavors and aromas you’ll often find in sheep’s milk cheeses. We think this is a fantastic pairing for this week’s featured wine.